Myth #163 FOC for shots under 50m
FOC (Front of Centre) is a term used to describe the balance point of an arrow. If you've been trying to unravel the importance of FOC in your set up and not found a clear cut answer we can help.

Kevin asked former USA Archery Team Head Coach Tim Strickland about the need to fine tune your FOC in a hunting situation. Tim’s experience has been FOC is not relevant for the vast majority of bowhunters as most game is taken under 30yards. Tim felt that even out to 50yards FOC had very little or any effect on accuracy. Where FOC comes into its own is in the target arena where arrows are required to be shot at 70 plus metres in open fields which are exposed to the effects of crosswinds.

A high FOC, over 15%, is an advantage in these conditions, long range shots in the wind. Bowhunters may experience greater penetration with a higher FOC however given the energy generated by modern bows penetration is rarely a concern on commonly hunted game animals.

The reality is the overwhelming majority of hunting arrows in the quivers of the modern bowhunters fall into the “normal” FOC range of 7-15%. And even those whose arrows have an FOC less than this, they will still have the accuracy required to kill game out to 50yards.

Our advice? Put your calculator away and go shoot your bow!

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