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  • AMS 3 Barb Grapple Point

    The 3 Barb Gator Grapple Point has the strongest barbs available and has excellent holding power. Highly recommended as the best head for salt water fishing.Hinged barbs on the Grapple...
  • AMS Ankor QT Bowfishing Point

    The Ankor QT Point has all of the features that serious bowfishers need when on the water. With its patent pending, vibration dampening, AMS Cyclone tip, a short body, stamped triple...
  • AMS Big Game Float System

    Follow the float to find your Big Game! These tracking floats install using the stabilizer hole on the front of your bow or the Sleek-X and allow you to follow...
  • AMS Bowfishing White Fiberglass Arrow Shaft

    Blank 5/16" arrow shaft for bowfishing.AMS fiberglass shafts are glossy smooth, super-straight and ultra-durable! You'll find that they are the straightest, best quality shafts on the market. Each shaft is manually inspected...
  • AMS Chaos Bowfishing Point

    The AMS engineered and manufactured, best-selling, Chaos® FX point cannot be out-done! With its vibration dampening AMS Cyclone® tip, super short body, heavy gauge wire barbs and stainless steel construction,...
  • AMS Crossbow Bowfishing Mount

    Finally, a durable and easy to install crossbow mount made specifically for bowfishing! The AMS Sleek-X crossbow mount is made of smooth and strong anodized aluminum. This 3 piece system,...
  • AMS Fast Flight Line 400#

    Specifically designed for bowfishing, this 400 lb line offers high-strength break resistance and American-made quality.
  • AMS Fast Flight Line 640#

    Braided Spectra 640# is very strong line recommended for large game bowfishing. It is less likely to cut on tough scales or underwater debris and is salt water resistant. This...
  • AMS Retriever Reel - Big Game Pro

    Top quality big game fishing reel. The Slotted Retriever, from AMS Bowfishing, has all of the features of our standard Model 610 Retriever, but allows the use of a float...
  • AMS Retriever Reel Pro

    Fast, smooth and easy to use! The AMS Retriever Pro is unlike any other bowfishing reel on the market. There is no button to push before the shot and no...
  • AMS Ring Sets

    Arrow snap-back can cause serious injury or death and the AMS Ring Sets are a solution to this hazard. This system, if used properly, ensures that your fish line will...
  • AMS Safety Slide

    AMS Safety Slides allow you to keep your bowfishing line in front of your bow, eliminating the risk of the line catching on your bowstring or arrow rest.
  • AMS Wave Roller Rest

    The AMS Wave Rest has proven itself as a durable, easy to use bowfishing arrow rest. It can be easily adjusted to the proper height and distance with the turn...
  • AMS Xbow Bolt w/Muzzy Magnum Gator Getter Point 22/64

    Crossbow Bolt complete with Ring Slide & Muzzy Magnum Gator Getter Point Muzzy's Gator Getter point features our stainless Trocar Tip to bust through the toughest gator hide. It's backed...
  • Bohning Bowfishing Kit

    All you need to get started in this fast paced action packed sport. Great for beginners!The new kit includes: new retrievable Lightning Reel, Glass fish arrow with Warhead fish point...
  • Bohning Mudcat Reel

    Easy to install and the line drag reduction system allows the line to strip effortlessly from the spool. 50 ft of 80lb braided nylon line and mounting kit included. Mounts...
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