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  • AMS Ankor FX 3 Barb Bowfishing Point

    The patented AMS AnKor® FX, with its AMS Cyclone® tip has all the features that serious bowfishers need when on the water. Its lightweight design, stainless steel construction, collapsed barbs...
  • AMS Bowfishing White Fiberglass Arrow Shaft

    Blank 5/16" arrow shaft for bowfishing.AMS fiberglass shafts are glossy smooth, super-straight and ultra-durable! You'll find that they are the straightest, best quality shafts on the market. Each shaft is manually inspected...
  • AMS Retriever Reel - Big Game Pro

    Top quality big game fishing reel. The Slotted Retriever, from AMS Bowfishing, has all of the features of our standard Model 610 Retriever, but allows the use of a float...
  • AMS Retriever Reel Pro

    Fast, smooth and easy to use! The AMS Retriever Pro is unlike any other bowfishing reel on the market. There is no button to push before the shot and no...
  • AMS Ring Sets

    Arrow snap-back can cause serious injury or death and the AMS Ring Sets are a solution to this hazard. This system, if used properly, ensures that your fish line will...
  • AMS Safety Slide

    AMS Safety Slides allow you to keep your bowfishing line in front of your bow, eliminating the risk of the line catching on your bowstring or arrow rest.
  • AMS Wave Roller Rest

    The AMS Wave Rest has proven itself as a durable, easy to use bowfishing arrow rest. It can be easily adjusted to the proper height and distance with the turn...
  • AMS Xbow Bolt w/Chaos FX Point

    Shaft These solid fiberglass, 24” long, 22/64” diameter bolts with half-moon nocks are made specifically for bowfishing. A hole is drilled for the AMS Ring System and positioned so the...
  • Cajun Spin Doctor Reel

    The all-new and improved Cajun Spin Doctor Reel is the most durable and innovative spincast bowfishing reel on the market. The reel is designed to endure the rigors of the...
  • Fin Finder Riptide Replacement Tips 2pk

    If you shoot at often as we do, your tips are bound to accumulate some dings.Fits updated 2020 Riptide models2 pack
  • Fin-Finder Bowfishing Drum Reel

    Simple to use and easy to install bowfishing reel threads into to front stabilizer bushing of the bow riser. Includes one 90 ft. spool of 80 lb. test retrieval line....
  • Fin-Finder Heavy Duty Drum Reel

    Our heavy-duty aluminum reel is covered with durable deep-blue powder coating making for easy clean-up when fish scales and guts start flying. It comes spooled with 80′ of high-contrast bowfishing...
  • Fin-Finder Raider Pro Fishing Arrow Shaft

    Durable fiberglass arrow shafts buiilt with the most accurate straightness tolerances available. With value in mind, the Raider is an ideal choice for the recreational or competitive bowfisherman.Specification: Diameter 5/16"...
  • Fin-Finder Riptide Point

    The Riptide Point was developed to deliver unsurpassed penetration and performance. Heavy-duty Stainless Steel design ensures ultimate superior strength and durability. Field tested and designed to withstand the rigors of...
  • Fin-Finder Riptide Pro Point

    The Riptide Pro Point was developed to deliver unsurpassed penetration and performance. Heavy-duty Stainless Steel 2-piece design ensures ultimate superior strength and durability. Field tested and designed to withstand the...
  • Genesis GEN-X Bow

    Powerful enough for hunting or bowfishing and simple enough for anyone to use. The new Gen-X® single cam allows up to 40 lbs of draw weight to add velocity to...
  • Genesis Pro Bow

    While still a zero let-off design, the Genesis Pro® lets archers customize their draw length and adjusts up to 25 lbs of draw weight. Our draw stop cam technology provides...
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  • Muzzy 200LB Test Bowfishing Line 100ft

    200lb test braided bowfishing line in high visibility lime green Low diameter, zero stretch & high strength Weaved braid making it stronger and more durable 100ft reel
  • AMS Fishing Arrow with Carp Point

    AMS fibreglass pre-made fishing arrow. Includes Muzzy Carp Point and AMS Safety Slide installed.Specification: Diameter 5/16" Length 32"
  • Muzzy Magnum Gator Getter Point 22/64

    22/64 XBow Muzzy Magnum Gator Getter Point.Muzzy's Gator Getter point features our stainless Trocar Tip to bust through the toughest gator hide. It's backed by a solid stainless ferrule with...
  • Nock Out Bowfishing Lighted Nock Adaptors

    Nock Lighted Nocks are waterproof meaning they can be used for bowfishing lighted nocks with the help of the bowfishing adapter. The Bowfishing Adapter by Nock Out Lighted Nocks fits...
  • Fin-Finder Raider Pro Fishing Arrow with Riptide Point

    Durable fibreglass fishing arrow built with strict straightness tolerances to provide outstanding accuracy. Features an in-line nock system and Cajun Safety Slide. Includes Riptide bowfishing point.   Please note the arrow...
  • Innerloc 3 Barb Grapple Point

    3 Barb Grapple points penetrate freely and supply large holding area. Made of heat tempered stainless steel and feature anti vibration tips. 5/16" diameter
  • AMS Crossbow Bowfishing Mount

    Finally, a durable and easy to install crossbow mount made specifically for bowfishing! The AMS Sleek-X crossbow mount is made of smooth and strong anodized aluminum. This 3 piece system,...
  • PSE D3 Fishing Bow Kit

    The PSE D3™ is the bow for every bowfishing shooter. This highly adjustable compound can handle up to a 30”draw length and is designed for snap shooting.SPECIFICATIONS Brace Height: 6⁵⁄₈”...
  • Muzzy Fish Hook Arrow Rest

    Muzzy's Fish Hook Arrow Rest utilises our Zero Effect hook to hold the arrow on the bow. Adjustable mounting arm allows rest to be adjusted for "off the shelf" shooting,...
  • PSE Kingfisher Recurve Bow Package

    The Kingfisher™ recurve bow is an ideal 56″ length for bowfishing. The bow has a precision-machined riser with limbs finished in PSE’s exclusive Flo Green DK’d pattern.SPECIFICATIONS:Kingfisher™ 56 KIT includes:...
  • Muzzy Quick Release Carp Point

    Muzzy Carp Points feature full stainless steel ferrules with Muzzy's specially designed Carp Tip for proper penetration on soft fleshed fish such as carp. A simple 2 turns of the tip...
  • Hanging Foam Bowfishing Carp Target

    The underwater target for bowfishing. Use the orange float to suspend the buffalo carp in water to practice your shooting. A must-have for summer!
  • AMS Big Game Float System

    Follow the float to find your Big Game! These tracking floats install using the stabilizer hole on the front of your bow or the Sleek-X and allow you to follow...
  • AMS Bowfishing Arrow with Riptide Pro Point

    AMS top quality fibreglass fishing arrow with Riptide Pro Point point and safety slide installed. Just tie it on and shoot.  Bowfishing point featuring two piece stainless steel construction and Hydro-Lok...
  • Cajun Brushfire Rest

    The Brush Fire is the all-new Cajun Bowfishing arrow rest with a Teflon impregnated insert on bottom for durability and replaceable bristles for full containment. The Brush Fire features an...
  • Cajun Roller Rest

    The Cajun Roller Rest is designed for smooth and fast fishing arrow release. Features Easy to install and adjust Screws into rest bushing in bow riser Increases arrow speed up to...
  • AMS Fast Flight Line 640#

    Braided Spectra 640# is very strong line recommended for large game bowfishing. It is less likely to cut on tough scales or underwater debris and is salt water resistant. This...
  • Hydro-Shot Finger Savers

    Hydro-Shot Finger Savers. 2 per pack.
  • Fin-Finder Current Arrow Rest

    Compression containment arrow rest with an ambidextrous platform composed of premium materials for all aquatic environments. Features: 33% glass-filled nylon 6061 machined aluminum mounting bracket Stainless Steel fasteners Interchangeable color...
  • AMS Fast Flight Line 400#

    Specifically designed for bowfishing, this 400 lb line offers high-strength break resistance and American-made quality.
  • Fin-Finder Raider Pro Fishing Arrow with Riptide PRO Point

    Durable fibreglass fishing arrow built with strict straightness tolerances to provide outstanding accuracy. Features an in-line nock system and AMS Safety Slide. Includes Riptide PRO bowfishing point. This arrow is...
  • Muzzy Carp Replacement Tips

    Replacement Tips are indispensable. If you have only one arrow and ruin the tip by hitting a rock, your day could be over. But if you carry a couple of...
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