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  • Avalon Tec One Recurve Sight

    This is an affordable option for Olympic Recurve Archery and great sight for beginner/intermediate archers. The sight includes aluminium extension arm and the 8-32 threaded sight pin.  Features: Full aluminium construction...
  • Avalon TecX Compound Sight

    The Avalon TecX Compound Sight is no nonsense model, tough and durable. Updated in  2017 with improved extension arm design to reduce the overall weight and an improved scope block...
  • Axcel Achieve Compound XL Sight

    Lightweight, durable and dependable, the Axcel Achieve Compound XL Sight is designed with the most Advanced Carbon Technology available. The Achieve Carbon Bar features a higher weight to strength ratio...
  • Axcel Achieve Recurve XL Sight

    Designed specifically for Olympic style recurve bows, the Axcel Achieve Recurve XL Sight is constructed of aircraft aluminium and weighs less than the top selling carbon bar sight.
  • Axcel X-41 Fibre Optic Ring .19

    Axcel Fiber Optic Ring Pin (.019")
  • Axiom Junior Target Recurve Sight

    Secure Axiom's Jr. Target Recurve Sight to your little archer's bow and watch them hit the 10 ring. Aluminum construction for lightweight reliability. Lightened target head. Short extension bar. 8/32...
  • Axiom Target Recurve Sight

    A quality and durable intermediate sight. Simple design, lightweight and accurate. Note, this sight is in silver, not black as shown.
  • Barnett Crossbow Scope Illuminated Reticle 3x32

    With the Cross Illuminated Scope, low light conditions will not stop you from getting your game. This crossbow scope features a 3-dot sight that can be set to red or...
  • Cartel Medalist Sight 8/32

    Standard tournament sight built with a durable aluminium extension bar.
  • Cartel Midas Compound Target Sight

    Made of 100% aluminum• Shorter vertical head and 6” extension• Easy vertical adjustment• Elevation calibration etched onto the sight frame• 10-32 windage block• Available in black only
  • Copper John Mark 1 Micro Adjust 5-pin

    The Mark I is the base model in the third generation of Copper John’s award winning Dead Nuts line of pin sights. It is a feature rich blend of economy...
  • Copper John Rut Wrecker 5 Pin

    Designed using the same advanced composite design methods used on the CopperJohn SAXON sight, the Rut Wrecker stands apart with more accurate 019 pins, over 60% more fibre, more clamping...
    From $99.99
  • CopperJohn Bull's Eye Saxon

    Specifically designed to be made from composite to increase product longevity. More material engagement reduces point source failures common in other composite sights. Pins line up on the same line...
  • CopperJohn TST Sight 3 Pin

    Torque Synchronising Technology offers REAL form forgiveness by eliminating torque induced error when it counts most! The only sight specifically engineered to increase your bowhunting accuracy. Like it or not,...
  • Dead Ringer Starvation Bead 5-pin Sight

    Five .029 pins Top .019 pin glows in complete darkness Glowing aperture for perfect sight alignment in low light conditions Sight light and level included Right hand only
  • Dead Ringer Tack Driver DT 5-pin Sight

    Adjustable dovetail mounting bracket for all shooting styles Dead Ringer micro adjust sight Five .019 pins Top pin glows in complete darkness Glowing aperture for perfect sight alignment in low...
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