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  • Beaver Balls String Silencers

    Beaver Balls are the original string silencers made from prime northern beaver. Strong, Quiet and Lightweight. Suitable for longbows and recurves 2pk
  • Cir-Cut Silence-ilator Pad

    Super soft insulated grip pad material with adhesive backing for the ultimate in comfort and feel. Also an excellent noise reduction aid. Material is easily cut and will conform to...
  • Limbsaver SuperQuad Split Limb Bow Dampener

    SuperQuad Limb Dampeners.Designed to be universal, fitting most standard and wide split-limb bows, regardless of the limb thickness or distance between the limbs by installing in two orientations.
  • Limbsaver TwistLox Split Limb Bow Dampeners

    VIBRATION-DAMPENINGThe new TwistLox limb dampeners for split-limb bows are a result of extensive development and testing. Made from our proprietary NAVCOM® technology (Noise and Vibration Control Material), TwistLox noticeably dampen...
  • Mathews Harmonic Dampeners 2pk

    Custom Damping Accessories allow you to accent your bow with your favorite team colors or create a signature look. They are available for Harmonic Dampers and Mini Harmonic Dampers and...
  • Mathews Monkey Tails 4pk Colours

    This string accessory is a must have and comes standard on the Mathews hunting bows but you can go fancy with these coloured options. Four Monkey Tails equates to a...
  • Mathews Monkey Tails Black - Singles

    This string accessory is a must have and comes standard on the Mathews hunting bows. Four Monkey Tails equates to a minimal speed loss of 1-2 fps total with virtually...
  • OMP Remedy Bow Silencers

    They are the age-old enemies of every archer... vibration, noise, and hand-shock. Fortunately those old problems have a new solution with the OMP Remedy™ Vibration Dampener. The Remedy™ reduces string...
  • X Factor Limb Factor Black

    These limb dampeners are made from our same a-tech rubber compound. Don't worry anymore about which limb dampener you need for your bow. Ours will fit standard, thin limb and...
  • X Factor Split Limb Crossbow Dampening System

    Our new Split Limb crossbow system is simply amazing with the same quality and effect you have come to expect from X-Factor products! Finally a system for split limb crossbows...
  • X Factor String Factor

    This is our amazing string silencer made from our special a-tech rubber compound. These silencers are dry rot proof, weather proof, abrasion resistant and GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! These silencers are...
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