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  • Cajun Fishstick RTF Package

    The Fish Stick is the choice for everything from big Commons in the north to Gator Gar in the swamps. High grade aluminum riser and composite limbs will stand up...
  • Gen-X Cuda Fish Bow

    Gen-X Fish Bow is a bowfishing bow designed to give you an edge on the water. With adjustable draw weights up to 40 lbs, the Gen-X Fish Bow is ideal...
  • Genesis GEN-X Bow

    Powerful enough for hunting, simple enough for anyone to use. The new Gen-X® single cam allows up to 40 lbs of draw weight to add velocity to your shot, so...
  • Genesis Genesis Pro Bow

    While still a zero let-off design, the Genesis Pro® lets archers customize their draw length and adjusts up to 25 lbs of draw weight. Our draw stop cam technology provides...
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