Where to practice with your bow in Auckland.


Originally developed for hunters as a way to practice, Field Archery has developed into the most popular form of archery today, with clubs throughout New Zealand. A Field Archery course is situated in a bush setting and contains 28 3-D or printed animal targets all set at different unknown distances (5 to 50 yards). Part of the skill is learning to judge distance accurately. Very much like golf, a group of four archers' collects a score at each target and will complete a round in about two hours. Field Archery is a sport you can enjoy all year round, as the bush is cool in summer and sheltered in winter. 

Pineridge Archers - Ararimu

Massey Archery Club - Kumeu


The Auckland branch of the Deerstalkers Association also has an archery practice range. The New Zealand Deerstalkers Auckland branch is a city-based hunting club. The NZDA exists to represent hunters and protect hunting for future generations in New Zealand.


Target Archery using Recurve bows is an Olympic Sport. Compound bows are also used in Target Archery and New Zealand sends teams to compete in World Championship Events in both disciplines. Target Archery is a demanding and very satisfying discipline. You shoot in the open at a static target face from a specified distance - which may vary from 30 to 90 metres, and rounds take between two to six hours. Most clubs allow children to start from the age of 8 or 10.

Mountain Green Archery Club - Mt Albert

Auckland Archery Club - One Tree Hill


You can set up an archery target at home, just be mindful of safety of course. At home you are just practising your technique so you can set up your target with just 3-4m of space if you need to. Be sure to think about what is behind your target, making sure that if you have a misfire and the arrow does not hit the target, it does not leave your property and does not damage anything precious or anyone! If you have a garage and can set up the target at the back with a solid back stop is a good option.

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