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Glue for fletching vanes or feathers to aluminium, carbon, wood or fiberglass. Also for glueing on nocks.
Extra lining tape for spin wing vanes Used to wrap the ends of the vanes
G-Lock Blu-Glu provides a solid yet flexible bond that's ideal for installing inserts and fletching on your arrows. The Blu-Glu provides instant adhesion in seconds. The blue translucent formula makes it easy to see good glue c...
Bohning's Multi-Fletcher® Jig will truly do it all! Every Multi-Fletcher® includes 7 color-coded clamp inserts for different angles, from straight up to a 3° right or left helical. It works with all arrow diameters from X10s t...
Simple and easy to use. Accommodates vanes up to 4" (101.6mm) long. Individually fletch vanes with 1° right offset or 3° right helical Capable of fletching 3 vanes at 120° apart OR 4 vanes at 90° apart or at 60°-120°-60°-120° ...
Easton recommended adhesive for insert and point installation in Aluminum and A/C arrows Low-temperature hot melt
The G5 Arrow Squaring Device Replacement Cutter ensures perfect arrow de-burr shafts and inserts. It is designed for use with all types of arrows and sizes, guaranteeing improved arrow accuracy and better fitting components. Th...
Designed specifically for Traditional Archers, the 3 Rivers Taper Tool effortlessly and accurately creates 5° point and 11° nock tapers on your wooden arrows. Built to last and portable, this tool makes it convenient to build a...
FEATHER OPTION For Feather Vanes only About the Tower Jigs: Fletch three vanes or feathers at once with Bohning's Tower® Jig! This revolutionary fletching jig provides exceptional adhesion force that is evenly distributed along...
Universal tool fits G, X, H and S diameter nocks Includes threaded extractor to remove broken nocks from shafts A must for every archery toolbox
If they don't spin right, they won't fly right! The Arrow InspectorTM is a precision instrument designed to help insure a smooth and accurate arrow flight. As bows increase in speed, accuracy becomes more and more critical. Use...
Black Fusion by Victory Archery is the industry’s toughest insert glue. Rubberized particles blended into the adhesive allow the bond to maintain elasticity while providing superior hold.  This unique blend ensures the bond bet...
High capacity, high accuracy digital arrow scale. Features an exclusive arrow and accessory holder that holds arrows and points in place. Conveniently weighs in grains only, 3086 grain max x 0.2 grain accuracy. High capacity, ...
The Pro Class Jig has a quick-set magnetic clamp with large grips for easy operation. It fits all shaft sizes and features an adjustable offset on vanes or feathers up to 5.5" (140mm) long. It is capable of 3 or 4 fletch (4 a...
The Cauldron Jig is a 3 vane advanced fletching system.  It provides the right amount of pressure for excellent adhesion, and you can fletch all three vanes at once so it's a big time-saver.  The snap-in inserts are easy to cha...
Victory Bond is a fast setting, high-viscosity cyanoacrylate based adhesive. Vanes, feathers or nocks, carbon, wood or aluminium, it makes no difference – Victory Bond has you covered. This high quality adhesive gives you the p...
The A.S.D. Flip ensures your arrows and arrowheads spin perfectly by using this unique tool to machine/de-burr your arrow shafts and inserts square. The G5 A.S.D Flip is designed with replaceable pads and cutters for easy maint...
Safeguard against slipping with this clamp - a valuable addition to your arrow building repertoire. This straight clamp from Bitzenburger, designed for use with a Bitzenburger jig, delivers precise, dependable results for exte...
Constructed with Glass Filled Nylon, the Grayling Repl Clamp is resistant to most chemicals and can be easily cleaned with a variety of materials. It features marked guides for feather and vane starting points, allowing yo...
Designed for feathers & Mylar vanes• Works on all shaft surfaces• Machine cut without lubricant so no dead zones in the roll• Length - 720", Width - 0.1875"• One roll fletches approximately 40 arrows
Digital pocket scale Modes: g, oz, gn, ct, ozt, dwt Brushed stainless steel platform Backlit LCD display 2x AAA batteries included
Glue for fletching vanes. Recommended for AAE Max Stealth vanes. Universal instant adhesive gel Will not drip or run 3gr tube
Fletching jig with shaft size bracket that allows you to fletch different size shafts without adjusting the clamp angle. Allows you to individually alter fletch spacing to suit your nock set up. The same jigs we use to fletch m...
AAE's MAX Weld Primer Pen creates an amazing "Weld" between any Max material vane and the archers chosen arrow.   Apply to the base of your Max vane with Max Bond glue.