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WARNING: PSE TAC arrows are the only approved projectiles for the TAC series of crossbows.
High strength 100% pure carbon construction. High impact Ravin engineered polymer nocks, brass threaded inserts and aluminum nock bushings are included. (Set of 6) Points are not included. If you need points, add 11/32 Bullet P...
We recommend that strings and cables be replaced at your local pro shop or the Ravin Service Department every 2 years or 400 shots. If you elect to replace the strings and cables, use only the Ravin Press. Do not use the Ravin...
Pulley design reduces the draw weight to aid in cocking crossbows. Universal design allows it to be used on both compound and recurve crossbows.
The Best-Selling Rope Cocking Kit includes small diameter BCY Rope with Pull Handles, String Snot and Rail Snot lubricants. Small-Diameter BCY Rope Material Custom-Cut to Fit Your Crossbow Compact (Yet Heavy-Duty) Pull Ha...
This incredibly versatile new target sports six unique sides to shoot at, ideal for every type of practice. Two sides of the cube display a textured, life-like 3-D deer target zone one displaying outlined vital areas of a deer,...
This target shows you its best side every time and is the longest lasting archery target Rinehart make. They even guarantee the 18-1 for a full year! With 18 vivid target zones made from legendary solid Rinehart self-healing fo...
These targets are all blemished in some way, maybe the paint job isn't so good, the handle is broken or it is a bit misshapen. They may be a bit ugly but the quality of the foam is still the same. Although the integrity of the ...
Constructed using the highest quality carbon fiber with .001” straightness and +/- 1 grain weight tolerances, ProFlight Arrows will ensure repeatable accuracy which is everything for confidence and success.Stocked in : 16.5″ le...
THE EVOLUTION OF RECURVEWith a simple push of a button, Quick-Loc™ Technology allows Take-Down crossbows to be disassembled and reassembled in seconds without affecting accuracy.High-Output Express™ Limbs with Armor Tips genera...
Perfect for mounting your favourite bi-pod, flashlight, or any other universal picatinny style accessory. Made in the USA
Constructed using the highest quality carbon fiber with .001” straightness and +/- 1 grain weight tolerances, ProFlight Arrows will ensure repeatable accuracy which is everything for confidence and success. Equipped with ul...
FIELD POINT ONLY CROSSBOW AND COMPOUND APPROVED EXTREMELY EASY ARROW REMOVAL, TWO FINGER Weather-resistant 2 shooting sides, 10 bullseyes Designed to stop speeds of 425 FPS E-Z tote carrying handle Patented design MLDD (Multi-...
  Crossbow, Compound and Airbow Approved Stops speeds 450 FPS and beyond Free Standing Shoot all 4 sides for longer life Patented Nucleus Center for unmatched durability Internal Frame System Technology 94 Layers of Arrow Stop...
Built off the extremely accurate Sub-1 platform, the SUB-1 LITE is the most versatile crossbow in our line. This user-friendly crossbow weighs in at a mere 6.9lbs and is incredibly easy to cock, making it a crossbow anyone can ...
Join the crossbow revolution with COALITION FRONTIER. Delivering 380 fps, the COALITION FRONTIER is a fast and compact affordable crossbow with an illuminated reticle scope, quiver, bolts and, cocking rope. COCKING WINCH COMPAT...
*Special order may be required. Please call us on 09 636 6359 for current stock levels or to discuss your requirements.Designed to be the most accurate, quiet, easy to use crossbow on the market, the SUB-1 consistently delivers...
No. 8 bowstrings epitomise New Zealanders can do approach to life. Made right here in New Zealand and built for our rugged conditions. Designed by Advanced Archery’s Carol and Kevin Watson, these strings utilise the latest stri...
The future of target foam technology. Our Research and Development team have been searching for a new and improved formula for a highly durable self-healing solid poured foam mixture. We have been waiting to release a compound ...
Field point only Compound and crossbow approved Stops up to 400 FPS Deer vitals on one side and bullseye on other Easy arrow removal Weather-resistant E-Z tote carrying handle Internal Frame System Nucleus center 25" x 15" x 2...
The X-Bolt Crossbow bolts can withstand the power of the latest crossbows, fly true and have the knock-down power needed to get the job done. The X-Bolt Crossbow bolts are optimized with the EFOC (Extreme Forward of Center) des...
Non-wax polymeric lubricant for applying to the center serving of string. The fluid is odor-free, waterproof and should be applied at least once a year or before use in weather below 0º C.
Mission® Crossbows arrows have been specifically optimized for Mission®Crossbows. They are weight matched and utilize brass inserts, half-moon aluminium nocks, and 100% carbon shafts. .003” straightness tolerance. Bolt length: ...
The SUB-1 XR is designed for hard-hitting accuracy and superior stealth. It features our innovative Benchmark Fire Control technology, known for its ability to safely de-cock with the push of a button. With its compact frame an...
Apply to crossbow rails for smooth shooting and string serving protection. New 0.5oz size!
Quill Carbon Arrows are specifically designed for use with Excalibur’s TwinStrike and Micro Series crossbows. 16.5″ Arrow Length 250 Grain Arrow weight .003 straightness tolerance 2″ Blazer vane with a 3 degree offset Equipped...
This season, as you are tuning up your bow and refining your gear selections, consider Nufletch's Ignitor Lighted Nocks. There are now many lighted nocks on the market and they are not all created equal. Nufletch's Ignitor Ligh...
Made to facilitate your calibration while shooting Ravin Crossbows. The spring loaded quick-detach Ravin Bi-Pod is lightweight, compact and durable. It will assure you stability for an increase precision. Excellent in blind hun...
  RSD CRANK Mission®  Crossbows leads the industry with the first-ever silent mechanical cocking device for crossbows. The patent-pending RSD™ fits all Mission®  Crossbows and can be installed or removed in a matter of a few se...
Safely discharge your crossbow with the OMP XB Impact Discharge Head. Promotes safe discharge of a crossbow without the use of a discharge target or separate discharge bolt. Accommodates standard crossbow bolts. Allows for saf...
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