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  • Carbon Express Blade Crossbow Kit

    Premium Performance at an Entry Level Price Designed to bring premium performance to entry-level crossbow hunters, the X-Force® Blade™ Crossbow delivers an adaptable fit, repeatable accuracy and 320 feet-per-second in a...
  • Carbon Express Quiet Crank Cocking Winch

    When in the woods and ready to crank up your bow, you want to be quiet.  The revolutionary Quiet Crank allows for dead silent motion since there is no ratcheting...
  • Mission Charge Crossbow

    The Charge™ delivers a great balance of speed, accuracy and stealth. Featuring our patent pending Smart Guide™ Slide, it provides an ultra-smooth draw cycle for easy cocking. With the ability...
    From $1,999.00
  • Mission MXB-400 Crossbow - Pro Hunter Kit

    The MXB®-400™ is the next level in performance and speed for Mission® crossbows. The MXB®-400™ offers a lightweight and well balanced feel combined with incredible crossbow speeds (400 + fps)....
  • Mission Sub-1 Crossbow

    Designed to be the most accurate, quiet, easy to use crossbow on the market, the SUB-1 consistently delivers groups less than 1” at 100 yards and features an innovative trigger...
    From $2,525.00
  • Mission Sub-1 Lite Crossbow

    Built off the extremely accurate Sub-1 platform, the SUB-1 LITE is the most versatile crossbow in our line. This user-friendly crossbow weighs in at a mere 6.9lbs and is incredibly...
    From $2,350.00
  • Mission Sub-1 XR Crossbow

    The SUB-1 XR is designed for hard-hitting accuracy and superior stealth. It features our innovative Benchmark Fire Control technology, known for its ability to safely de-cock with the push of...
    From $2,540.00
  • Ravin R10 Predator Camo Crossbow

    Introducing the R10 from Ravin Crossbows. If running-and-gunning or hunting from tight quarters is your style, then the R10 is the crossbow for you.Measuring just 33" and tipping the scales at...
  • Ravin R20 Predator Camo Crossbow

    Introducing the R20 from Ravin Crossbows. In the never-ending quest for superior speed and rifle-like accuracy, Ravin has reached a new pinnacle. The sheer power of the R20 comes from a brilliant...
  • Ravin R26 Predator Dusk Camo Crossbow

    The new R26 is Ravin’s most compact and lightweight crossbow to date. Weighing in at only 6.5 pounds, the Ravin R26 generates speeds of 400 FPS from a 9.5-inch power...
  • Ravin Tac Head BiPod

    Made to facilitate your calibration while shooting Ravin Crossbows. The spring loaded quick-detach Ravin Bi-Pod is lightweight, compact and durable. It will assure you stability for an increase precision. Excellent in...
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