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THE EVOLUTION OF RECURVEWith a simple push of a button, Quick-Loc™ Technology allows Take-Down crossbows to be disassembled and reassembled in seconds without affecting accuracy.High-Output Express™ Limbs with Armor Tips genera...
Built off the extremely accurate Sub-1 platform, the SUB-1 LITE is the most versatile crossbow in our line. This user-friendly crossbow weighs in at a mere 6.9lbs and is incredibly easy to cock, making it a crossbow anyone can ...
Join the crossbow revolution with COALITION FRONTIER. Delivering 380 fps, the COALITION FRONTIER is a fast and compact affordable crossbow with an illuminated reticle scope, quiver, bolts and, cocking rope. COCKING WINCH COMPAT...
*Special order may be required. Please call us on 09 636 6359 for current stock levels or to discuss your requirements.Designed to be the most accurate, quiet, easy to use crossbow on the market, the SUB-1 consistently delivers...
The SUB-1 XR is designed for hard-hitting accuracy and superior stealth. It features our innovative Benchmark Fire Control technology, known for its ability to safely de-cock with the push of a button. With its compact frame an...
  RSD CRANK Mission®  Crossbows leads the industry with the first-ever silent mechanical cocking device for crossbows. The patent-pending RSD™ fits all Mission®  Crossbows and can be installed or removed in a matter of a few se...
Colour: Realtree Excape FEATURES A WORKHORSE CROSSBOW WITH LIFETIME DEPENDABILITY Best in class performance, value, and accuracy at an unmatchable price. An aluminum frame with Guardian™ anti dry-fire technology and a premium ...
Replacement cranking handle for your Charger EXT™ or Assassin™ Integrated Crank Cocking Aid.  
 The Ceasefire Crossbow String is constructed using the highest quality of materials to maximize your crossbow's speed and reduce string creep, allowing you to do more shooting and less tuning.  Replacement Crossbow string for...
Replacement pads for Air Brakes and Dissipator Bars. Easy to install! Remove 2 bolts, discard old pads, bolt new on. It’s that simple. Four bolts and a wrench are included.
01VERSA-DRAW™ COCKING SYSTEM One of the revolutionary design advantages provided by HeliCoil technology is the Versa-Draw Cocking System. Working in conjunction with the Trac-Trigger Firing System this ultra-compact ful...
LIGHTWEIGHT. PERFECTLY BALANCED. TACTICAL MANUEVERABILITYThe ultimate double shot of power optimized for situations where space is a premium, or need to move quickly to get the job done.DualFire™ Technology features dual trigge...
The crossbows of today are far more advanced than those of even 5 years ago. Scope technology has surely kept in step with this trend, and in many cases overcomplicated the process for the average user. While multi reticle sco...
Strike first and fast with FANG HD. Packing 400 fps performance, the FANG HD comes decorated in TrueTimber Viper Western camouflage and includes an adjustable stock, illuminated reticle scope, quiver, bolts and cocking rope. SP...