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  • Bear 1st Shot + Junior LARP arrow

    Live Action Roleplay Bow & Arrow kit. Contains: Bear 1st Shot Junior Bow & Arrow set plus 1x LARP Arrow designed for live action roleplay. Great fun for the family!Bow...
  • Bear 1st Shot Bow Set

    1ST SHOT BOW SET Suggested Age Range: 4 to 7* 36in. Overall Bow Length 14-16in. Draw Length 8-12lb. Draw Weight Durable Composite Limbs For Right or Left Hand *Ages may...
  • Bear Crusader Bow Set

    We have upgraded the Bear Crusader Bow Set package to include a proper non-stretch string that will give a much better result and last a whole lot longer than the...
  • Bear L'il Brave 2 Bow Set

    Suggested Age Range: 5 to 12* 47in. Overall Bow Length 16-24in. Draw Length 8-12lb. Draw Weight Durable Composite Limbs and Riser 7in. Brace Height Please note!: This bow is only...
  • Bear Titan Bow

    This is a great bow for teenagers and adults alike - add Thunder Express or Victory JR Ares Arrows for target shooting or some LARP Arrows for a game of Archery...
  • Diamond Atomic Bow Package

    If a new archer’s first shot is with the Atomic, you’re off to a great start. Simple and smooth, it’s an extremely adjustable and forgiving dual cam bow. It’s durable...
  • Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Package

    Diamond pulled out all the stops with the Infinite Edge Pro. With a draw length of 31”, a whole new category of longer- draw shooters can call the Infinite Edge...
  • Diamond Prism Package

    From the backyard and archery club to the competition range Diamond Prism delivers the performance and look it takes to stand out in a crowd. Based on Diamond’s most popular...
  • Mission Hammr Hunter Package

    PERFORMANCE AND ADJUSTABILITY - THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR GROWING ARCHERS. The all-new Mission Hammr is the perfect solution to growing archers. Our new Fast Fit cam technology offers half-inch draw weights for a wider...
    From $1,231.00
  • Mission MXR Hunter Package

    BUILT AROUND OUR PROVEN CROSSCENTRIC CAM TECHNOLOGY, THE MXR IS THE PEAK OF PERFORMANCE VALUE. The 2019 MXR is a one-of-a-kind, high-performance hunting bow offering accuracy and speeds traditionally found...
    From $1,510.00
  • Mission Radik Hunter Package

    LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO HANDLE, WITH ULTRA ADJUSTABILITY FOR YOUTH ARCHERS. The all-new Radik offers great fit and feel for young archers. It weighs a mere 3.04 pounds for easy...
    From $1,176.00
  • Mission Sub-1 Crossbow

    *Special order may be required. Please call us on 09 636 6359 for current stock levels or to discuss your requirements.Designed to be the most accurate, quiet, easy to use crossbow on...
  • Mission Sub-1 Lite Crossbow

    Built off the extremely accurate Sub-1 platform, the SUB-1 LITE is the most versatile crossbow in our line. This user-friendly crossbow weighs in at a mere 6.9lbs and is incredibly...
  • Mission Sub-1 XR Crossbow

    The SUB-1 XR is designed for hard-hitting accuracy and superior stealth. It features our innovative Benchmark Fire Control technology, known for its ability to safely de-cock with the push of...
  • Mission Switch Hunter Package

    FEATURING OUR NEW FAST FIT TECHNOLOGY, THE SWITCH IS HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE AT EVERY DRAW LENGTH. The all-new Mission Switch is the most versatile platform in the Mission lineup. Featuring our...
    From $1,319.00
  • OMP Smoky Mountain Hunter Bow Package

    The Smoky Mountain Hunter bow package is built to withstand the rigors of everyday hunting and recreational shooting. Offering a low mass weight, the Smoky Mountain Hunter was designed to provide...
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