Buyer Beware!
Is your bow covered by a lifetime manufacturers warranty - and can you get any warranty repair issues sorted out asap right here in NZ?

We are the NZ exclusive Distributors for Mathews, Mission, Bowtech, Diamond and Hoyt bows. We can look after warranty issues for any of these bows if you are the original owner and you purchased the bow here in NZ from us right here at Advanced Archery NZ or from one of our Authorised Dealers:

Advanced Archery Marlborough, Blenheim

Archery & Bowhunting NZ, Christchurch. 021 388541

Hunting & Fishing NZ , stores throughout New Zealand


Mathews, Mission, Bowtech, Diamond and Hoyt bows, bows purchased from any other source in New Zealand are not from an authorised dealer and the supplier will not be able to source the warranty parts directly from the manufacturer. We regret that we can not take care of warranty repairs for these bows purchased from an unauthorised dealer.


We also stock bows from Bear and PSE, we deal directly with these manufacturers and we can cover your warranty parts regardless of where you bought your bow in NZ if you have a copy of your receipt, however there will be a charge for freight and labour if the bow was not purchased from one of our authorised dealers.

The most common repairs we see are for dry-fires which are not covered under warranty. Be sure to ONLY EVER DRAW YOUR BOW WITH AN ARROW LOADED, POINTED SAFELY AT A TARGET.

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