Victory VAP Gamer Target Arrows - Custom Fletched Arrow

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Target arrow lengths. When ordering your arrows, you will need to provide the length of the carbon portion of the shaft only without components. Measurements can be provided in mm or inches or enter "full length" if no cutting is needed. If you have other measuring requirements, please let us know in the order notes.

The VAP Micro-Diameter target arrow not only parallels the 
precision straightness tolerances of the industry’s very best (Elite shafts only)... it also maintains its straightness shot after shot. Offering the competitive shooter exceptional speed and accuracy with little worry of wind drift, it’s almost an unfair advantage.

VAP Target Arrow Features

  • SPINE ALIGNED  Every arrow digitally spine aligned for increased accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency.
  • MICRO DIAMETER ARROW – High modulus 100% carbon fiber construction micro diameter for maximum speed and penetration with less wind deflection.
  • MATCHED WEIGHT – Each dozen weight matched to +-0.5 grains for precise shot consistency and tighter grouping.
  • ICE NANO CERAMIC COATING – Advanced nano ceramic arrow coating improves penetration and allows for easy removal from targets.

Material: 100% high performance carbon fiber
Length: 31" (shaft only measure)
Inside Diameter: 0.166"
Straightness tolerance: +/- 0.003" (Gamer)
Weight tolerance:+/- 0.5gr

Spine Options: 350 (7.8 GPI), 400 (7.2 GPI), 450 (6.6 GPI), 500 (6.1 GPI), 600 (5.5 GPI), 700 (5.7 GPI), 800 (5.4 GPI), 900 (5.0 GPI), 1000 (4.7 GPI), 1100 (4.7 GPI), 1200 (4.6 GPI)

Limited spines in stock currently as we phase out the discontinued Easton Carbon One shafts, however special orders are welcome. Phone us on 09 636 6359 to discuss your requirements. 

Included component: AAE IP Nock
Optional Components: Bohning Pin Nock, Victory VAP Pin Bushing, VAP Target Glue-In Points (80-100gr & 120-140gr)