Shop with Purple Visa Card at Advanced Archery Instore


Purple Visa Card, the credit card that gives you more rewards and flexibility.


Not only can you use your Purple Visa Card for everyday purchases and earn rewards everywhere* you shop, but you also have the option of Long Term Interest Free Finance.  


These are just some of the great benefits of being a Purple Visa Card customer.


Use your card for everyday purchases and earn Purple Dollars on Eligible Visa Transactions.

From earning rewards when you shop, to having the flexibility of long-term Interest Free finance for those larger purchases,* the Purple Visa Card has never been more flexible.

If you already have a Purple Visa Card Account, visit your Advanced Archery instore and ask about the latest long-term Interest Free deal.





Things to Know:
*Long Term interest free finance with minimum purchase applies using Purple Visa Card. Purple Visa Card Terms and Conditions, credit criteria and Rates and Fees apply. Prevailing interest rate will apply to any outstanding balance at the expiry of the interest free period. Visit purplevisa.co.nz for more information. Purple Dollars cannot be earned or redeemed on long-term interest free purchases. Purple Visa is only available on instore purchases of $500 and over at Advanced Archery.






Rates and Fees



Minimum monthly payments (3% of the outstanding balance or $20, whichever is the greater) and any charges eligible for deferred payment will not apply until expiry of any Deferred Payment Plan but must be made during the Interest Free Term. If you make only the minimum monthly payment, you may not pay off your purchase before the expiry of the Interest Free Term. So, if you can, always pay more than the minimum amount due. Visit purplevisa.co.nz for more information.