Victory RIP Xtreme Velocity Gamer - Custom Fletched

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The RIP XV was designed and extensively tested for two qualities - speed and long-range accuracy. Our carbon engineers synthesized different high-modulus carbon formulas to develop this sub 6 GPI ultra-light and super deadly arrow. The .204 small diameter shaft leaves less surface area for wind deflection and its lightweight construction delivers extremely flat trajectory over long distances. Coupled with our SHOK insert for better penetration and high FOC the RIP XV is the perfect extreme velocity hunting arrow.

Material: 100% high modulus carbon fiber construction
Length: 31"
Inside Diameter: 0.204"
Straightness tolerance: +/- 0.003" (Gamer)

Spine Options: 250 (8.0), 300 (7.1 gpi), 350 (6.4 gpi), 400 (5.9 gpi), 500 (5.1 gpi)

Accessories included: IP Nock (9gr), Shok Aluminium Insert (21gr)
Optional accessories: Shok Taper Lock Insert (50 or 75gr), Shok SS Insert (60gr), .204 Backweights: 50/20/10gr