Rinehart Fallow Deer Insert

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Upgrade your 3D target's worn or damaged section with the Rinehart Fallow Deer Replacement Insert. This patented insert system is made of self-healing, high density foam, and is designed to provide superior arrow stopping and easy arrow removal. Simply pull out the old insert and insert the new one into the animal's torso for a like-new target. With this exclusive locking mechanism, your insert stays securely in place until you're ready to change it. Experience the revolutionary change in 3D targets with Rinehart.


We bring other Rinehart Targets in to order. Please call 09 636 6359 for current prices on the complete range of targets available for you or your club. We have special pricing available for clubs.

Is it real or is it Rinehart? When it comes to life-size, realistic 3D targets, experienced archers know that from body positioning to anatomically accurate vitals, Rinehart is as real as its gets. Shooting practice has never felt so real with these lifelike big game targets with Rineharts legendary attention to detail and realism.

Rineharts exclusive solid, self healing foam targets can take hit after hit after hit without tearing or other damage. The self healing foam stops even the fastest incoming carbon, aluminium or wood arrows.

These targest are virtually weather proof, they will last for years. Exceptionally resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. The patented Rinehart Stand Alone accessory makes set up as fast and easy as 1-2-3-Shoot!