HHA Tetra Max RYZ Tournament Sight

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The Tetra RYZ offers the benefits of a multi-pin sight in HHA’s legendary single-pin platform. With a silky 2.1” of travel, the Tetra RYZ features the longest sight tapes HA have ever offered for unmatched downrange accuracy. Reasonable pin spacing allows shooters to quickly adjust on the fly without needing to let down.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate hunting sight, a tricked-out 3D rig or something that can crossover into either field, the Tetra Max is for you!

Shoot different arrows depending on the season? Every Tetra Max sight includes two yardage wheels, making that switch between setups a snap, and not a half day on the range.

Eyes aren’t what they used to be? Change out the ultra-fine pointer for the magnifier and see your yardage marks like never before. Add an optional Blue Burst Light and illuminate your tape scale to make rapid adjustments in dense cover or from the security of a ground blind.

Taking that bucket list hunt half way around the world? With the Tetra Max RYZ Tournament Edition, you can quickly detach your sight bar, pack it securely in your gear bags and hit the ground with confidence.


  • Scope Housing: 1 3/8" or 1 5/8"
  • Pin Size: .019 
  • Mechanical Rheostat: Yes
  • Lens Kit (Optional)
  • Burst Light (Optional): Yes
  • Weight: 13 oz
  • Sight Bar 4"-7"
  • Green primary pin
  • Red secondary