Get into Bowhunting

Bowhunting is the ultimate hunting challenge (we think!). When we spot an animal, that's just the beginning - now the stalking begins and we may have a few minutes or a few hours of exciting hunting ahead of us. We have to get in close - inside our effective shooting range. We'll do what we can to get as close as we can and we'll wait for the right shot opportunity to present. All the while thinking about what the wind is doing, what other animals in the area are doing - we don't want to get busted by a solitary hind off to the left we didn't see...we'll be hoping for a bit of luck on our side as well! And when we finally get an opportunity to fire an arrow, we'll be doing all we can to stay calm, execute a good shot and resist the 'buck fever' that is challenging for any hunter - but more so when the animal is less than 30 metres away and could see, hear, smell or just 'sense' our presence at any time. 

With our Fit-to-Shoot system, we set you up with customised bowhunting package and teach you how to shoot it - many people are amazed how quickly they can gain the accuracy to go bowhunting. Fit-to-Shoot is a free service with your new bow - it takes a bit of time but it's how we like to do it. We want you to have success and we get a real kick out of the success stories and pictures our customers come back with!

Add a Bow to Your Gun Rack!

If you already hunt with a rifle, hunting with a bow offers a whole new perspective. Rifle hunters who have converted to bowhunting say it's like going on your first hunt all over again, and again! We hear this time after time from hunters from all around New Zealand and are always excited to hear about their success stories! If you're a rifle hunter and you considered leaving the gun behind and taking a camera instead - you're ready for a new challenge, maybe bowhunting is the challenge you seek

Read All About It

You can read technical articles and stories from our staff shooters in most hunting magazines in New Zealand. You can keep up to date with new products and get tips to become a better bowhunter in NZ Hunter, Rod and Rifle and Hunting & Wildlife magazines with Kevin's informative technical articles and product reviews as well as stories and articles from Advanced Archery Staff Shooters.

Official New Zealand Bowhunter Safety Course

Bowhunting is a challenging sport, requiring a hunter to be more patient, utilise new and different skills, and better learn the anatomy and behaviour of game. This Bowhunter Safety Course will help you get more out of the sport and improve the safety of bowhunting for everyone. We encourage all bowhunters, whether you're a beginner or an old hand at the game to complete the course. 

Bowhunter Ed which is the official online course provider for the National Bowhunter Education Foundation, teaches safe in-the-field practices, bow shooting basics, methods of bowhunting, shot placement and game recovery techniques. Start your Bowhunter Education today!

Bowhunting on Public Conservation Land

Hunting with bows and crossbows is allowed on public conservation land as long as a hunting permit is obtained and your weapon meets some minimum specifications.  Minimum Criteria for bows and crossbows.

Advanced Archery on Hunting Aotearoa

Check it out from Season 6, Howie learns to shoot a bow and joins in the Bowhunter Open Comp at Pineridge Archery Club.


Take up the challenge!

Put the passion back into your hunting trips and enjoy a new sport with new challenges. Contact Us today! We want to have you up and running quickly and enjoying success as a bowhunter so we don't just sell you a bow. With our free Fit-to-Shoot program included when you purchase your new bow, we know you'll be pleasantly surprised just how accurate you'll be in a matter of just a few weeks.

For even more  bowhunting information check Bowhunting 360: