Archery is for everyone, ladies, men and juniors, no matter what your body shape or level of fitness. It's an ideal family sport you can all enjoy.

There are different archery disciplines to choose from:

Field Archery

Originally developed for hunters as a way to practice, Field Archery has developed into the most popular form of archery today, with clubs throughout New Zealand. A Field Archery course is situated in a bush setting and contains 28 3-D or printed animal targets all set at different unknown distances (5 to 50 yards). Part of the skill is learning to judge distance accurately. Very much like golf, a group of four archers' collects a score at each target and will complete a round in about two hours. Field Archery is a sport you can enjoy all year round, as the bush is cool in summer and sheltered in winter. We can put you in touch with your nearest club.


Bowhunting is a huge sport in the USA and becoming increasingly popular amongst archers and hunters here in New Zealand. Big game and small game animals are regularly taken with the bow here in New Zealand and you can get your start in the sport very quickly. Many of our customers are successful on their first bowhunting trip after only a few lessons with their new bows. Read more...


With all the great fishing available in New Zealand it didn't take long for bowhunters and field archers alike to try their hand at bowfishing. Koi carp are a popular target and a great activity for kids. Koi carp are abundant in the waterways in the Waikato and they are a pest, so you'll be doing great conservation work by getting out there! If you've ever experienced the frustration of having fish swim by you when you've been fishing and not take a bait, bowfishing is the answer, and your revenge! All you need is a bow, reel, solid fibreglass arrow and a fish point - it's that easy. If you can see the fish within a metre of water, you're in with a shot. A great sport for all.

Target Archery

Target Archery using Recurve bows is an Olympic Sport. Compound bows are also used in Target Archery and New Zealand sends teams to compete in World Championship Events in both disciplines. Target Archery is a demanding and very satisfying discipline. You shoot in the open at a static target face from a specified distance - which may vary from 30 to 90 metres, and rounds take between two to six hours. Most clubs allow children to start from the age of 8 or 10.



Archery in Schools

NASP Students

NASP NZ ( National Archery in Schools Programme NZ) is a charitable trust that provides secondary schools with the opportunity to add archery to their P.E. and Sports programme with access to equipment and comprehensive staff training at greatly reduced prices. The NASP was started in Kentucky, USA and is now in 50 States in the USA as well as South Africa, Canada, England and Australia. The NASP USA National Championship Tournament is the biggest archery event in the world. 

The programme uses Genesis bows and standard equipment that creates a level playing field, meaning school students can participate and experience success in the NASP regardless of size shape, fitness level or gender. A philosophy of 'process vs results' gives students a wonderful opportunity to learn a new skill, build confidence and perhaps find 'their sport'.

Carol Watson is the Chairman of the trust and can be contacted on 09 636 6359 or 021 638840 for information about the NASP. If you are a teacher, parent, student or friend of a school interested in finding out how the National Archery in Schools Programme can add a new dimension to their programme give Carol a call.