Straight Shooters Archery Academy 

One on One Coaching

Learn shooting technique with one of  New Zealand's most experienced archers and coaches. Whether you're a bowhunter, field or target shooter the principles of good shooting are the same. We'll work with you individually to find the best way for you to learn good archery technique.

Archery 101

One-on-one coaching is the quickest and most enjoyable way to achieve your goals in the sport and ensure you learn the correct techniques from the start. We'll teach you a consistent shot sequence that will allow you to shoot your best. More importantly we'll teach you how to beat the mental challenge of shooting a bow and arrow. We only coach one-on-one. It saves you time and money and in just three sessions you will be well on the way to mastering the eleven steps of good shooting form we'll present you with your Archery 101 Certificate. All equipment is supplied if you do not have your own bow. Archery 101 is suitable for everyone over 8 years of age. If you have a younger child who is keen, give us a call and we can discuss whether your child is ready for archery coaching. Carol is a trained TAGteacher,  using techniques that work brilliantly with shooters of any age, including those with issues with concentration and traditional learning techniques. TAGteach is a powerful approach that supercharges the entire learning environment. It allows us to optimize instructions, provides instant, meaningful positive feedback and fast-tracks success for the learner.

Your Archery 101 certificate is a fast track to joining your local archery club without the delay of waiting for their next available group course. 

'Archery 101' - $200

Adults - two 45min archery lessons

Juniors - three 30min archery lessons 

Sessions are available on weekdays during shop hours starting from 10.00am. We also have after hours sessions available on Tuesday, Wednesday  and Thursday, these sessions are available at 5pm, 5.45 and 6.30pm


Advanced Level Archery Coaching

Whatever stage you're at, we can help take your archery to the next level to make it more enjoyable and successful.

1/2 hour archery lesson $100 

Because our coaching is one one one, there is no waiting for the next class to start. Give us a call 09 636 6359 to schedule for your first session!

NASP NZ - Archery in Schools Programme

The National Archery in the Schools Programme works to put archery in schools using one size fits all equipment and trains school staff to teach it. We are proud supporters of the NASP NZ, Carol is the National Co-ordinator and Instructor Trainer. Schools have the opportunity to purchase the equipment at below wholesale prices through the NASP NZ Charitable Trust. Archery is one of the few sports students can participate in no matter their size, shape or physical abilities. It has a lot to teach about responsibility and learning a new skill by focusing on the process vs the results. The NASP is hugely popular in the USA, over 10 million students have participated and it has now spread to Canada, Australia, South Africa, England and New Zealand.

If you know of a secondary school that would be interested in joining the NASP family, please call Carol 09 636 6359, email or see the NASP website for more information.