Thorn XV Expandable Broadhead 3 pack

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The Thorn XV is the latest addition to the family of most accurate broadheads on the market.

The XV has a fixed conical tip and rugged 70/75 aircraft grade aluminum frame that houses our sharp 440 stainless steel blades with exposed blade-spur design and backed by our Field Point Accuracy Guarantee! Using our traditional Sheer Pin Technology the XV deploys on impact via the exposed blade spurs.

The XV will provide a massive 2” cut that creates devastating wound channels. With ratings up to 750fps the XV can be used by any arrow firing weapon of choice; from vertical compound bows, high speed crossbows, and even super fast air-bows!

Thorn XV is available in 100gr. & 125gr. weights for both Compound Bows and Crossbows.


  • 3 - XV Broadheads
  • 6 - Sheer Pins

*Thorn Broadheads will NOT fully deploy in Foam Target.

**Orange Sheer pins are used for Compound Bows and Black Sheer Pins are used for Crossbows.

***Thorn Broadheads are recommended for foam targets. Other target material such as bag targets may cause damage to the broadhead.