Leupold RX Full Draw 5 Rangefinder

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Built for the bowhunter and the competitive archer, the new RX-FullDraw® 5 is the most ballistically advanced archery rangefinder on the market. Using your bow’s velocity, peep height, your arrow weight, and the angles of your shots, it calculates laser-accurate ranges based on your specific gear.

Now, the RX-FullDraw 5 accepts an even broader range of velocity inputs, allowing you to input numbers as low as 170 feet per second. So, no matter what you shoot, this rangefinder has you covered. And with the updated flightpath technology, you can choose between two modes for viewing arrow obstructions out to a typical distance of 85 yards. It even has a setting for ranging in bad weather. When there’s moisture in the air, Last Target mode will punch through rain, fog, and snow to make sure you get an accurate reading.

Pair that with its six times magnification, bright red OLED display, and incredibly fast laser engine, and you’ll see why this rangefinder is guaranteed to give you the advantage that you’ve been looking for.


  • Archer’s Advantage software Archer's Advantage bow ballistics uses your arrow weight, arrow velocity, and peep height to calculate more accurate ranges for steep angle and long distance shots.
  • Last Target Mode mode ensures the rangefinder reads the farthest target in the laser's path, so grasses and twigs don't interfere with an accurate range.  
  • 6x magnification: gives you plenty of power, while maintaining a wide field of view to track game on the move.
  • Advanced OLED technology is user adjustable to match display intensity for changing light conditions.
  • Selectable Reticles Offers a variety of reticles to choose from to fit any use or preference.
  • Armour Coated - The durable housing is shrouded in a easy-grip rubber armor coating that provides a positive grasp in all conditions.
  • Flightpath Technology: Determines if your arrow will clear obstructions between you and your target out to 150 yards.
  • Fully Multi-coated Lens System - Our fully multi-coated lens system ensures maximum brightness for clarity, contrast, and colour fidelity.
  • Line Of Sight Distance (LOS) accurately gives you the straight line distance to the target.


    • Weight - 7.5oz (210g)
    • Length - 3.8" (9.5cm)
    • Angular FOV (degrees) High - 6
    • Width - 1.4" (3.5cm)
    • Height - 3" (7.5cm)