Archery Stand-By

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The Archery Stand-By is specifically designed to be a secure and convenient place to set your bow while retrieving arrows. With its patented design and sand-filled base, it will not tip over indoors or out.

Inherently, in archery, one small nick on a precision machined cam will cause premature string wear that could prove to be outright dangerous.

Delicate brass and fiber-optic sight pins take very little abuse before they break or need to be readjusted. One bump on an arrow rest could mean the difference between hitting what you are aiming at or not. Many of these problems could be avoided simply by having a safe place to set your expensive archery equipment.

The Archery Stand-By offers three vertical adjustments ensuring it will fit all bows. The built in tube is perfect for holding arrows and the depressions in the base are perfect for parts, accessories and even a beverage!

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Fillable base for counter-weighting
  • Use for both compound and recurve bows
  • 3 vertical adjustments
  • Built in arrow tube
  • Compartments for storage and/or drinks