Balanced Bowhunting II

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We had the pleasure of sharing our 2010 roar hunting with author Dave Holt. His knowledge of bows and bowhunting is phenomenal, coming from experience gained while taking over 2000 big game animals. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Dave, he is an avid bowhunter intent on passing on his knowledge. We probably wore him out with our endless supply of questions and debates about various theories. By reading this book, you will gain insights that will make you a better bowhunter. One thing you can be sure of, if Dave says this is how it is, you know he has done the research to prove that this is indeed how it is.

This modern bow hunting guide by Dave Holt includes chapters on Shooting and Tuning, Buck Fever, Range Estimation and Trajectory, Shot Placement, Misconceptions, Questions, and Mistakes, Memories, The Compound Bow at Work, The Bow and String, Arrows, Broadheads, and Accessories.

Dave Holt is one of a kind, a blend of elite bowhunter, archery techie, psychologist and common sense philosopher. For beginners or the most knowledgeable bowhunter, this book merits shelf space in any bowhunters library

Hard cover book with 204 pages.