Victory VAP TKO Gamer - Shafts

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*PLEASE NOTE: these are shafts only, order these if you are fletching your own arrows. If you're after fletched arrows, choose from our pre-made or custom fletched options.

The ultimate long-range hunting arrow with our highest recorded kinetic energy at 100 yards! By reducing the energy loss associated with the twisting of the arrow shaft at launch, the arrow shaft stabilizes much faster while increasing the retained kinetic energy down range. This makes the VAP TKO the most accurate hunting arrow in the Victory arsenal in addition to the deepest penetrating arrow shot from a vertical bow.


  • Digitally spine aligned for increased accuracy and consistency
  • Advanced 3K carbon weave for less torque, faster recovery of flight, and spine consistency
  • Advanced nano ceramic arrow coating improves penetration
  • Each dozen shafts is weight matched to +/- 0.5gr for precise shot consistency and tighter grouping

Included components: F nock, Shok TL Aluminium Insert 50gr

Optional components: Shok SS Insert (95gr), Shok Aluminium Insert (34gr), Shok TL SS/AL Insert (75gr), Shok TL SS/AL Insert (95gr)

PLEASE NOTE shaft length is measured from the bottom of the groove in the nock (where the nock touches the string) to the end of the carbon.

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     Spine Shaft Weight (GPI) Shaft Length Shaft ID Shaft OD
    235 11.1 31" 0.166" 0.252"
    300 9.5 31" 0.166" 0.242"
    350 8.7 31" 0.166" 0.236"
    400 7.9
    31" 0.166"