Victory V-TAC 23 Elite - Custom Fletched

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The brand new V-TAC 23 was designed for superior accuracy, faster arrow recovery, supreme spine uniformity and unsurpassed durability.

The largest diameter arrow allowed under World Archery Federation (WAF) Regulations, this line cutter is one of the most versatile target arrows on the market and can be shot indoors or outdoors. Whether you shoot WAF, ASA, or 3D this is the arrow you need to win them all.

The custom 90 degree weave provides unparalleled durability by providing a protective layer that makes the arrow less susceptible to tail slap damage and allows it to recover faster on shot. The weave provides superior spine deflection and uniformity.

Material: 100% carbon fiber construction

Length: 31"
Inside Diameter: 0.314
Straightness tolerance: +/- 0.001"
Weight tolerance: +/- 0.5gr

Spine Options: 270 (7.2 gpi), 380 (6.8 gpi), 480 (7.2 gpi)

Included accessories: Unibushing 16gr, IP nock 8gr, Glue-in Points 100, 120, 150gr
Optional accessories: V-TAC 23 Insert 37gr, Pin Bushing 17gr, Pin Nock 3gr, 0.245 backweights