Victory RIP TKO Elite - Shafts

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*PLEASE NOTE: these are shafts only, order these if you are fletching your own arrows. If you're after fletched arrows, choose from our custom fletched options.

The perfect combination of speed, power and durability.

  • Less affected by wind
  • Excellent penetration
  • Increased FOC
  • Faster arrow recovery on shot
  • Advanced 3K carbon weave

Hunters looking for the perfect combination of speed, power and durability need look no further than the RIP TKO. This .204 diameter shaft is smaller than standard hunting arrows which reduces wind drift and increases penetration while maintaining extreme durability. MaxxKe Technology also increases kinetic energy during impact, helps the arrow to recover quicker in flight, and ensures your arrow hits hard every time you let it RIP.

Material: High modulus 100% carbon fiber construction
Shaft Length: 31"
Inside Diameter: 0.204"
Straightness tolerance: +/- 0.001"

Spine Options: 250 (8.9 GPI); 300 (8.8 GPI); 350 (8.8 GPI); 400 (9.0 GPI)

Accessories included: IP Nock .204 (9gr), Shok TL204 Aluminium Outsert 50gr
Optional: Shok Aluminium Outsert (21gr), Shok SS Outsert 60gr, Shok TL SS/AL Outsert 75gr; Unibushing (7gr), Pin Bushing (15gr)

PLEASE NOTE shaft length is measured from the bottom of the groove in the nock (where the nock touches the string) to the end of the carbon. If your measure is different, please add specifics in the notes field.