Sight Slicker Garmin Xero Sight Cover

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Description Sight Slicker is the first sight cover for the Garmin Xero. Sight Slicker for Garmin Xero is designed to fit your Xero Bow Sight perfectly. We built our Sight Slicker with neoprene, so it contours the shape of the Xero bow sights, so it protects the lens and ranging technology. Our Sight Slicker Features a “quick-draw” adjustment cord for easy one-handed installation and removal. In addition to all this Sight Slicker also includes a sewn-in microfiber cloth for you to safely clean and remove debris as needed. Protect your investment with Sight Slicker for Garmin Xero.


  • 2mm Neoprene for weatherproof protection
  • Quick Draw adjustment cord for one-handed use
  • Sewn-in microfiber for easy cleaning
  • Protects bow sight from damage
  • Fits 4″ diameter, 3.5″ depth sight housings