Recurve Beginner Accessory Kit

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This Recurve Beginner Accessory Kit provides all the basic components needed to shoot a bow and arrow at a club. This kit is ideal for the novice archer, as it includes all the necessary accessories to help ensure a proper setup. With this beginner kit, you'll have everything you need to hit the range with confidence.

The case in this kit is suitable for bows up to 62" long. If you have a 66", 68" or 70", check out the Intermediate and  Deluxe Accessory Kits

Choose either red, blue or black as your main colour and we'll build an awesome looking accessory package for you.


Your package will include:

Finger Sling

Easton Flipside 2 Tube Quiver

Legacy Leather Finger Tab

Arm Guard

Magnetic Bow Stand

Roll Up Recurve Case 

Arrow Tube


Bow Stringer

Arrow Puller

String Wax