Nika ST-1 Stabilizer Black

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 Product Specifications:

The ST-1 balance bar set is based on the improvement of the SF entry-level balance bar. The main improvement point is that the bonding between the shock-absorbing ball metal parts and the elastomer tree fingers is stronger.


  • Main pole: 30 inches Approx. weight: 102 g;

  • Side rod: 12 inches Approx. Weight: 60.6g;

  • Extension rod: 5 inches, Approx. weight: 42.11g

  • The net weight of the whole set is about: 447 g

  • V-BAR: 35°

  • Carbon rod ID: 15MM OD: 17MM

  • Shock-absorbing ball: about a single weight: 25.58 g

  • Thread: 1/4-20 Size: 32.7×42.5MM

Product Advantages:

  • Competitive recurve bow, compound bow, you can use the whole set or only the main rod

  • Reduce the bow vibration and stabilize the bow by increasing intertia

  • Carbon material, light weight,good hardness

  • Metal spray paint

  • Damper rubber material, shock absrption and sound absorption