Muzzy Magnum Gator Getter Point 22/64

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Description 22/64 XBow Muzzy Magnum Gator Getter Point.
Muzzy's Gator Getter point features our stainless Trocar Tip to bust through the toughest gator hide. It's backed by a solid stainless ferrule with Muzzy's unique quick release barb that reverses for release with a quick twist of the point. Gator Getter points can be pinned to the arrow shaft or set up to slip off allowing the arrow shaft to slide up the line away from potential damage. Muzzy's Gator Getter offers superior penetration and CAM-Lock Action, and it will not plane in flight or spin out of fighting fish. Drilled to accept our 600# Gator Getter Line for maximum control of really BIG gators! Fits all 22/64 diameter arrows.