Last Chance HS4 Handheld Bow Scale

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Super tune with precise bow weight measurements!

The HS4 is a newly designed scale used primarily for archery equipment. This scale is extremely strong and durable, with a max weight rating of 110 lbs. It has an aluminum outer shell, peak/hold weight functions, a newly added let-off % readout, and an internal setting for weighing luggage, fish, or turkeys. With this scale, you can easily read your bow's peak weight, hold weight, or let-off % all on the scale's LCD screen with one pull of your bow.

ALL-NEW LET-OFF % READOUT   This scale reads a bows peak + hold weight and gives the bows let-off percentage LED

DIGITAL DISPLAY The HS4 includes a custom LED digital display that's easy to read with a built-in backlight

PEAK + HOLD WEIGHT The main function of this scale is reading a bows peak + hold weight

LUGGAGE/FISH/TURKEY FUNCTION This scale includes an additional function for weighing luggage, fish, or turkeys accurately

REINFORCED ALUMINUM SHELL An aluminum outer shell custom designed for strength and a comfortable fit inside your hand

LB OR KG READINGS Reads in either pounds or kilograms BUILT FOR: PRO SHOP HOME