Helium Knife

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Hand-produced by renowned Australian knife maker, Robert Herbert from R & N Blades, this high-quality ergonomic knife packs a punch well above its weight. 

Extremely light, compact and ergonomic; this is a premium quality knife for any mission.

An orange Kydex Sheath with neck cord is included.


Length: 16.5cm
Cutting Edge: 6cm
Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
Blade Metal: S35VN Stainless Steel from Niagara Specialty Metals
Handle Material: Paracord

This little blade has surpassed our expectations on what it was initially designed for.

Designed as the ultimate lightweight backpacking knife many years ago with its main task in mind to tackle all the camp chores of opening packets of food and supplies and cutting up food for the campfire feast.

It morphed through sustained use into a staple of many Sambar hunters from the Alps of Victoria through to the ancient snow capped peaks of NZ.
The Helium has caped out many trophies as well as performing many simple butchering tasks of harvesting wild free range meat.

It has also found a home on many service personnel’s plate carriers and in their kit loadout due to its low weight and ability to perform when called upon. Highly recommended for those who like a small, efficient blade.

 You can learn more about caring for your Helium in this video.


International Lifetime Warranty

All knives have been rigorously field tested by our test and design crew prior to release so that you can have confidence in your R&N Blades knife.  An international lifetime warranty covers your knife for it’s entire lifespan, allowing you to pass down your companion to the next generation.

Blade Material - S35VN Stainless Steel