Bohning Serveless Peep-It 1/4"

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Bohning's Serveless Peep It® is a time saver due to its revolutionary design. No more having to serve in your peep and no more accidentally cutting or burning your bowstring during the peep removal process.

Black only available in 1/4" size.

Installation instructions:

  1. Using a Bow Press, divide the string into two halves.
  2. Place Peep It in between the parted string and feed string into helical groves.
  3. While relaxing the bow press, maintain upward pressure on the Peep It to secure the string in the grooves. Adjust the Peep up or down as required by repeating this process.
  4. Wax the bowstring with Bohning's Seal-Tite, Tex-Tite, or other Bohning brand waxes, and that’s it!