Barnett Hyper Raptor XBow 410 w/CCD

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Hyper Raptor™ W/CCD

The Hyper Raptor™ excels in every aspect of performance-inspired design and technology. With a lightweight composite riser and measuring just over seven inches axle-to-axle when cocked, the crossbow provides excellent maneuverability in tight-quartered hunting applications. Its pivoting limb pockets put less weight at the front of the crossbow while making a more durable shooting platform with reduced recoil and vibration. With its compact and energy-efficient design, the Hyper Raptor™ sends small-diameter HyperFlite™ arrows down-range with incredible speed - up to 410 feet per second and 142 ft. lbs. of energy for maximum bone-crushing penetration.  Includes Crank Cocking Device with right or left handed crank handle.


HALO System™

The Hyper Raptor™ is not only exceptionally fast, but it proves to be tack-driving accurate as well. Barnett’s new Halo System eliminates cable crossing and cam lean to create perfectly balanced string travel for superior accuracy.


HyperFlite™ Precision

The Hyper Raptor™ is paired with Barnett’s exclusive and patent-pending 20-inch, .204 diameter HyperFlite™ arrows. With a straightness tolerance of +/- .001 inch, HyperFlite™ arrows provide more than 25% deeper penetration than standard diameter arrows with a small-diameter .204 shaft and over 15% FOC.