B3 Infinity Pro Brass Hinge

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The Infinity Pro is the newest addition to our back tension line, and offers a brand new patent-pending micro-adjustable sear system. Simply, adjust the sear for more or less travel with the use of a hex key.

The release has a newly crafted radiused handle that provides weight and balance for a smooth rotation. It also features our patented star drive system that allows for multiple shapes and or positions. The Infinity Pro will come with the pro hook and standard finger extensions which will give you the ability to shoot the release how you like. Included are four unique pelican sears to find the exact optimum setting for each archer.

Infinity Pro features:

  • Patented and patent-pending design
  • New micro-adjust sear system
  • New sleek radiused handle for comfort
  • Micro-adjust back tensions come standard with 4 sears (hot click, hot no click, cold click, cold no click)
  • Adjustable standard and pro hook attachments included
  • Auto locking band for hook return