Advanced Archery No.8 Custom Mathews/Mission String & Cable Set

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No. 8 bowstrings epitomise New Zealanders can-do approach to life. Made right here in New Zealand and built for our rugged conditions.
Designed by Advanced Archery’s Carol and Kevin Watson, these strings utilise the latest string building techniques, equipment and materials combined with the field experiences of top archers and bowhunters.
Keep it ninja with all-black or choose from thousands of colour combinations with our clear serving to make it extra classy. Pre-stretched for zero peep rotation, with speed nocks and monkey tails installed (if required).

Prices vary depending on the bow type and string/cable configuration.
  • Two-piece string & cable set $222.50 for a basic build + $20 for speed nocks to be added to the string.
  • Three-piece string & cable set $222.50 for a basic build + $20 for speed nocks.
  • Five-piece string & cable set $272.50 including speed nocks

String Material Options: (see colours in photo charts)

  • Bloodline VEC-99 -  VEC 99 is made with a very small diameter of Dyneema SK99 fiber blended with Vectran combined with Bloodline's Gencoating Technology. VEC 99 produces a very tough and stable bowstring. Vec 99 is a waxless string material with zero creep as well as excellent abrasion and water resistance.

  • BCY 452X - BCY 452X is a stable material for compound bows in a huge range of colours. Made from 67% SK75 Dyneema and 33% Vectran for more strand-count flexibility with no creep. This material does require waxing to maintain fibre quality.
Optional extras:
  • Clear serving (used on the string)
  • Mathews Monkey Tails $5 each - Black only.

*For a solid colour string/cable set, choose colour 1 and 2 as the same.

If you don't see what you want, please phone or email us to discuss your requirements.