The A Team

We have some of New Zealand's most enthusiastic and accomplished shooters and bowhunters on our staff.


Conor Watson

Conor Watson

Carol and Kevin's son Conor shot his first deer with a bow aged 13, got a bit distracted with other things, went travelling and now he's back and getting back into his bowhunting and bowfishing with a vengeance!

Conor works in the shop on Saturdays, He shoots the Mathews MR6.

Philip Bullivant

Philip Bullivant

We like to call Philip the 'grandfather of bowhunting' in NZ. He has shot over 100 deer with bow and arrow and still gets as excited about shooting deer as he did when he started. He has helped many people along the way and in the last few years his wife Jenny has got back into bowhunting and together they are enjoying helping grandson Cooper get started. Cooper recently shot his first deer at the age of 8, how cool is that!?!

Philip shoots the Mathews NoCam

Simon Bullivant

Simon Bullivant

Simon Bullivant (yes he is Philip and Jenny's son) is a long time hunting staff shooter and was a full time staff member in the shop from 2010-15. Simon is an NZBS Master Bowhunter and in 1999 and 2012 won "Bowhunter of the Year". He currently has the No.3 Red Deer in the record book at 280DS. Simon writes a regular bowhunting technical article in the NZ Hunter magazine. Simon is also an excellent taxidermist and runs his own taxidermy business, TruLife Taxidermy

Simon shoots the Mathews NoCam HTR

Matt & Kadin Willis

Matt Willis

Matt produces the excellent Hooked on Adventures hunting DVD's Hooked on the Outdoors which screened in 2014 on Country TV. He is one of New Zealand's most successful bowhunters. Matt was the first NZBS member to shoot over 100 deer, has shot the most big game animals and is a 4 time winner of NZBS Bowhunter of the Year.

Matt shoots a Mathews Chill-R.

Cody Weller

Cody spends a lot of time in the bush and is rewarded with a great deal of success in his bowhunting and we are very proud to have him on our team. He hunts hard and earned his NZBS Master Bowhunter award at the age of 15. 3rd Rusa 2 pigs in top ten 3rd tahr, 2 in the top 10 chamois including the #1.

Cody shoots a Mathews Halon-32

Darryl Hodgkinson

Darryl Hodgkinson

Darryl is a very experienced bowhunter living in Marlborough. He was the 2008 and 2009 NZBS Tournament Champion. Darryl was also the 2008 NZBS Bowhunter of the Year. He has places in the NZBS Record Book for pig, red deer and 2 tahr in the top ten.

Due to ill health Darryl is not bowhunting right now but he is an inspiration to us and to the people around him he encourages to take up bowhunting.

Leith McKenzie

Leith McKenzie

Leith McKenzie from Dargaville has been hunting since he was 12 years old and bowhunting for many years. Leith hunts all over New Zealand from the Far North to Stewart Island. He has won numerous awards, in 2005 Leith became the NZBS 53rd Master Bowhunter and has record book fallow, 2 sets of pig tusks and an 11.5kg koi carp.

Leith shoots the Mathews ChillX

Leith McKenzie

Ricky Russ

Ricky is the 2013 NZBS Bowhunter of the Year and there weren't many trophies he didn't pick up at the Annual Tournament in Blenheim, June 2013

Ricky shoots the Mathews Halon

Steve Meadows

Steve was a long time rifle hunter before he took up bowhunting in 2009. He is the moderator on the FishnHunt Forum bowhunting section and is a regular feature writer for Rod & Rifle magazine.

Steve shoots the Bowtech BTX

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