We're not a chain store or an outlet store, we're not some big red shed or shop at the mall. We are a junk free zone - we do not stock any nasty counterfeit products that might look like a real thing but are actually far from it. We don't expect you to find the product you need on the shelf, hand over your cash and take it home to wrestle open the packaging and try to decipher the instructions. Archery and bowhunting just doesn't work like that. We're absolutely passionate about what we do and we're here to make sure you get the gear that's right for you and to make it work for you. Bring in all your questions, come and try some bows and find out what it's all about. Just make sure you allow more than 5 minutes!

All services are available in our Auckland and Blenheim stores:

Auckland 09 6366359      enquiry@advancedarchery.co.nz

Blenheim 027 8104945    marlborough@advancedarchery.co.nz


Arrow Building & Repairs

We custom make almost all our arrows - we employ a full time arrow maker! We can also replace damaged fletches, nocks and points on your arrows. We're pretty quick getting repairs done, but if you're a school or camp we'll do a super quick turn around for you to minimise your down time. We also guarantee our arrow making, we use arrow wraps at no extra cost to you to make sure your fletches will stay on - if they don't ,we'll repair them and refund the arrow making charge. 

Bow Maintenance & Repairs

We have a well equipped workshop - think of it as an extreme 'man/woman cave' and we can do repairs and maintenance on ANY brand of bow or crossbow. We have a full workshop with multiple bowpresses, drawboards, chronograph etc. If you already have a bow, chances are we can make it shoot more accurately and consistently with a bit of TLC and a bow tune from our experienced bow technicians. Bows are more than the sum of their parts and getting your bow and accessories package shooting well requires some considerable knowledge and experience. We can work our magic on your bow and remove doubts about whether it's you or the bow - and you guessed it, after that it's all down to you! So read on....

One on One Coaching

Learn shooting technique with some of New Zealand's most experienced archers and coaches. Whether you're a bowhunter, field or target shooter the principles of good shooting are the same. We'll work with you individually to find the best way for you to learn good archery technique.

Archery 101

One-on-one coaching is the quickest and most enjoyable way to achieve your goals in the sport and ensure you learn the correct techniques from the start. We'll teach you a consistent shot sequence that will allow you to shoot your best. More importantly we'll teach you how to beat the mental challenge of shooting a bow and arrow. We only coach one-on-one. It saves you time and money and in just three sessions you will be well on the way to mastering the eleven steps of good shooting form we'll present you with your Archery 101 Certificate. All equipment is supplied if you do not have your own bow. Archery 101 is suitable for everyone over 8 years of age. If you have a younger child who is keen, give us a call and we can discuss whether your child is ready for archery coaching. Carol is a trained TAGteacher,  using techniques that work brilliantly with shooters of any age, including those who have issues with concentration and traditional learning techniques. TAGteach is a powerful approach that supercharges the entire learning environment. It allows us to optimise instructions, provides instant, meaningful positive feedback and fast-tracks success for the learner. 

Your Archery 101 certificate is a fast track to joining your local archery club without the delay of waiting for their next available group course. You may be able to start this week!

'Archery 101 for Adults' 2 x 45mins archery lessons for only $200 (a/h $230)

'Archery 101 for Juniors' 3 x 30mins archery lessons for only $200 (a/h $230)

Advanced Level Archery Coaching  - the next step.

Whatever stage you're at, we can help take your archery to the next level to make it more enjoyable and successful.

In our Auckland store, sessions are available Tuesday, Thursday & Friday starting from 10.00am and on Saturdays between 2pm and 4pm. We also have after hours sessions available on Tuesday, Wednesday  and Thursday, these sessions are available at 515pm, and 6pm.

For the Blenheim store please contact Sam, 027 8104945, marlborough@advancedarchery.co.nz



Because our coaching is one one one, there is no waiting for the next class to start. Give us a call 09 636 6359 to schedule for your first session!



Do you want to shoot as accurately as you can? The first step is to ensure your equipment is Fit-to-Shoot.

A personalised equipment setup
Our aim is for you to be successful, whatever style of shooting you select, but you need the right set-up! There are a lot of options when setting up a bow and choosing accessories. We spend time with you to ensure you will have the right combination and that your setup is a custom fit.

How does it work?
We spend up to two hours with you ensuring we get the right set-up for you. We follow a proven process which systematically tailors your bow and accessories for you and your needs. This includes:

  • Establishing your eye dominance to determine whether you will shoot left or right handed.
  • Choosing the right bow for your needs.
  • Selecting the accessories or accessories package that will best suit you.
  • Selecting your arrows with our Easton Arrow Selection Software.
  • Coaching, using a string bow and a Genesis Pro bow to get the basics of good shooting form and a consistent shot sequence. This is essential before we can begin the next step - custom fitting your bow to you...
  • Custom-fitting your equipment to you including drawlength, peep sight height, wheel timing, string condition, wheel alignment, arrow rest setup, nocking point position, tiller, release aid setup
  • A complete record of your bow's settings.

Why do I need Fit-to-Shoot?
You'll leave with your bow completely set up, all accessories installed and you're now ready to shoot!

How long does it take?
Fit-to-Shoot is the ultimate in personalisation and can take up to two hours to complete - sometimes more depending on how tricky you are! But we'll work with you as long as it takes to get the results we're looking for.

How much does it cost?
It's a FREE service with your bow purchase and also includes a free tune up one month later to make any fine adjustments. If you already have a bow requiring a custom tuning, we offer this same service at a competitive hourly rate.

Fit-to-Shoot is the best investment in time you will ever make with your archery.

Thinking about buying a second hand bow?

There are some great bargains to be had buying second hand - and from time to time we do have a few available in store. However there are a few things you need to know about BEFORE you buy second hand, or you could end up with a lemon. You need to know your eye dominance for Left or Right Hand, your draw length and the draw weight you can handle. If your 'new' second hand bow is wrong for you on any of these counts, you will have wasted your money. We recommend you book in for a coach session where we can fit you for a bow and teach you the basics so you can make an informed purchasing decision. Then if you find a second hand bow you can run the details past us and we can advise if we think it's suitable for you and worth a second look. And of course, we recommend that you bring your new bow in for our Fit-To-Shoot service so it will work for you and you'll get the best possible results from it.

Expert Advice

We are passionate about helping you shoot better and have more fun whatever style of archery you're into. We've written many articles over the years about all sorts of topics. You can catch the latest articles and tip in the current and past issues of the NZ Outdoor and NZ Hunter magazine, Rod & Rifle. If you have questions let us know, chances are we've written an article about it - or maybe it's one we need to write! Some of our past articles are posted here online, check out our Expert Advice.

NASP NZ - Archery in Schools Programme

The National Archery in the Schools Programme works to put archery in schools using one size fits all equipment and trains school staff to teach it. We are proud supporters of the NASP NZ, Carol is the National Coordinator and Instructor Trainer. Schools have the opportunity to purchase the equipment at below wholesale prices through the NASP NZ Charitable Trust. Archery is one of the few sports students can participate in no matter their size, shape or physical abilities. It has a lot to teach about responsibility and learning a new skill by focusing on the process vs the results. The NASP is hugely popular in the USA, over 10 million students have participated and it has now spread to Canada, Australia, South Africa, England and New Zealand.

If you know of a secondary school that would be interested in joining the NASP family, please call Carol 09 636 6359, email enquiry@advancedarchery.co.nz or see the NASP website for more information.