Victory Carbon Trad 450 - Shaft only

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*PLEASE NOTE: these are shafts only, order these if you are fletching your own arrows. If you're after fletched arrows, choose from our custom fletched options.

Traditional "wood look" arrow. The Carbon Trad arrow puts revolutionary technology into the traditional archer’s hands. The small-diameter shafts have a natural, woven linen fiber infused into the outer layer construction of its high-modulus carbon. This technology gives the look and feel of a natural wood arrow while improving durability, accuracy and reducing archer’s paradox for improved down range grouping and penetration.


 Spine Weight (GPI) Shaft Length Shaft ID Shaft OD
350 11.2 31.0 0.204 0.279
450 10.7 31.0 0.204 0.277
550 10.5 31.0 0.204 0.275
650 10.1 31.0 0.204 0.275

*Only 450 Gamer (+-.003" straightness) spine currently stocked. Please ph 09 363 6359 for any special orders.

PLEASE NOTE shaft length is measured from the bottom of the groove in the nock (where the nock touches the string) to the end of the carbon.

Included Carbon Trad Arrow Accessories

  • Shok SS 80gr Insert
  • Victory A nock (7gr)

This selection is for shafts only. If you want an arrow made up with feathers, please select the custom feathered option.

Carbon Trad Arrow Features

Every arrow digitally spine aligned for aligned for increased accuracy and shot to shot consistency. 

MATCHED WEIGHT – Each dozen weight matched to +-0.5 grains for precise shot consistency and tighter grouping.

SMALL DIAMETER ARROW – High modulus 100% carbon fiber construction .204 diameter for maximum speed and penetration with less wind deflection.

ICE NANO CERAMIC COATING – Advanced nano ceramic coating improves penetration and allows for easy removal from targets.

SHOK® OUTSERT TECHNOLOGY – 7075 hard anodized aluminium or 303 stainless steel outserts with standard 8/32 thread count and 5/16″ diameter for maximum penetration.