Rinehart Rhinobrute - BLEMISHED

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These targets are all blemished in some way, maybe the paint job isn't so good, the handle is broken or it is a bit misshapen. They may be a bit ugly but the quality of the foam is still the same. Although the integrity of the foam is not compromised, these  do not have come with a warranty.

This 16” x 16” x 16” target can withstand the heaviest backyard shooting you can throw at it. Made of Rinehart’s signature solid “self-healing” foam this target is one of our most long-lasting targets. All six sides are comprised of Rinehart’s signature, highly visible shooting zones and the target includes an easy-to-carry handle to make transporting this target a breeze. For the most serious of shooters, this BRUTE will withstand any arrow you fling at it.

Shoot this target with field points or broadheads. Ideal for broadhead tuning your bow.

Height/Width/Depth: 16" (400mm)

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