Neet True Shot Coach

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We have created a revolutionary new device, the True Shot Coach, which helps archers of all skill levels improve accuracy. It teaches new archers proper grip technique, while advanced archers can use it to eliminate riser torque caused by grip variations. This eliminates left and right groupings, making shots significantly tighter. Used as a training aid or fulltime in competition or while hunting, the True Shot Coach has been tested worldwide and shown incredible results.


  • Great training aid
  • Can be worn at all times
  • Eliminates grip torque
  • Allows for tighter arrow groups
  • Instills confidence

1.Place the True Shot coach on your bow hand with the pointy end towards your palm.

2.Place the bow grip on the pad of your thumb with your fingers in the 10 o’clock position. 2 o’clock for a left handed archer.

3.Draw your bow while maintaining this position.

4.Relax your fingers onto the True Shot Coach.




The True Shot Coach is ambidextrous and will work for a left handed or right handed archery! The proper way to measure for the True Shot Coach is the width across your three fingers. (The index, middle, and ring finger)

 Please review the chart showing the actual sizes of the true shot coach as a reference.

 Once the fingers are placed in the true shot coach it will seperate your fingers slightly. We hope the extra references will help in choosing the proper size, however please feel free to contact us if you are in need of assistance in selecting the proper size for you. -· True Shot Coach Team