Carter Mini Evolution 20 Release Aid

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The mini Evolution 20 for smaller hands is the next "Evolution" in the resistance activated releases. The mini Evolution 20 no longer requires a spring change like the "plus" models with the ITS system.
One spring under a screw is the only adjustment needed with a weight range from 8 pounds all the way up to 40 pounds of holding weight.
This new system also has the advantage of a much more precise micro adjustment of weight, as well as improved consistency.

Pick up any release aid in store - or bring it in sometime if you're buying online and we'll give you a FREE lesson (valued at $50) on how to shoot it properly - contrary to popular belief, release aids don't automatically make you a better shot! We'd love to show you how to get the best results you can.

Available in Blue only.

Tension Adjustment
Using the supplied .050 hex key, loosen the locking screw
located on the back side of the release.Using the supplied 1/16
Hex key, simply screw in clockwise for more holding weight, or
out counterclockwise for less holding weight. The tension will
range from approximately 10 pounds up to 40 pounds. This will
fit the weight ranges of most compound bows. Use minute
adjustments for best results. Caution, always pull test on a
simulator before attempting to draw your bow after adjustment
to avoid possible misfire and damage. Once you achieve the
desired setting, snug down the locking screw. Use caution to
not overtighten the nylon tip screw.
Recommended Use
To close the jaw, push down on the hasp until it snaps into the
closed position. Push in and hold the thumb safety while
drawing. CAUTION! Drawing or letting down your bow without
the safety depressed will cause your bow to fire prematurely!
Once drawn and on target, release the safety and simply pull
into the backwall of your bow. When the holding weight meets
the weight that the release is set it will activate the firing
system, thus firing the release. In order to let down, simply
push and hold the safety in again, and let down safely.