Chronic Wasting Disease -ATA Deer Protection Program

CWD has not occurred in New Zealand and it's imperative that we keep it that way. Two cases have been reported outside of the USA so we need to be extra vigilant. If you are considering using any scent product that is produced from deer urine, please read on to ensure it is safe.

The ATA’s Deer Protection Program seeks to ensure that ATA-member scent manufacturers and their product suppliers do everything possible to prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease in wild deer, elk and moose herds in the United States.

All participants in this program have joined voluntarily and understand their significant role in protecting our wildlife resources. Each participant has agreed to take measures to meet or exceed state and federal CWD requirements and ensure that their products come from healthy deer herds.

What's CWD?

CWD, a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy that’s a cousin of “Mad Cow Disease,” is – experts think – transmitted by infectious proteins called prions. While the supporting science is questionable, some suggest that deer scents – made with deer urine – could be a source of CWD transmission, if not carefully managed. 

Chronic wasting disease isn’t just a bowhunting problem. When too many deer die, it affects entire ecosystems, impacting everything from plants to predator populations. Currently present in at least 23 states and in Canada, CWD is a problem that has frustrated wildlife experts, bowhunters – and foodies who love getting their meat from deer, elk and moose. 

Industry members are stepping up to participate in the ATA Deer Protection Program and assure consumers that they are doing their part in the fight against CWD.

Who's Taking Action?

SUPPORT the Deer Protection Program and HELP stop the spread of CWD by purchasing scents labeled with the official ATA Seal of Participation. Only scents marked with the Seal are from manufacturers that have taken the initiative to be part of this Program and abide by its requirements.

Participating Manufacturers

  • Altus Brands LLC.
  • American Outdoors Inc/ Mrs. Doe Pee
  • Arcus Hunting (Tink's)
  • Black Widow Deer Lures Inc.
  • Buck Baits, LLC
  • Code Blue
  • Conquest Scents
  • Doc's Deer Scents
  • Hunter’s Specialities/Buck Bomb
  • Indianhead Elk
  • Indianhead Whitetails Inc.
  • James Valley Scents
  • Jackles Deer Lures LLC
  • Killbuck Scents
  • Martines Deer Scents
  • Nationwide Scents
  • Robinson Outdoor Products
  • Tingley/Northland Hunting
  • Wildgame Innovations
  • Wildlife Research Center Inc
  • Wyoming County Whitetails

What the Checkmark Means

 Participating manufacturers guarantee, through their participation in the ATA Program, that the cervid urine utilized in their products comes only from facilities that are also participating in the ATA Program, and that strictly comply with the following measures:

  • Participate in a Federally approved CWD program
  • Have documented all cervid movement in/out of herd
  • Continually monitor their herd for CWD
  • Allow additional facility inspections
  • Physically inspect 100 percent of the herd every 3 years
  • Commit to advancement of sound science related to CWD
  • Remain aware of CWD instances within 30 miles, and maintain minimum fence requirements

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