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Yep, you read that correctly. June 23-25 Advanced Archery will be hosting a workshop with George Ryals IV. This is your chance to be one of just 20 people to take your archery to a whole new level!

GRIV's Archery Workshops are tailored for intermediate to advanced shooters looking to raise their level of archery to a new plane. 

In GRIV's workshop you'll have full access to everything he knows for 2 & 1/2 days. At the start he encourages the participants to fully participate and discuss archery while he uses a keynote presentation as a place holder for the discussion. GRIV knows that the more involvement you put into the class, the more you'll learn. If you just sit and listen, you'll learn some cool stuff. However, if you ask questions, discuss, and bend the conversation deeper into each topic, you'll come away with a whole new understanding that you otherwise wouldn't get. 

Many people won't bat an eye at spending $1800 on a new bow. Spending a small portion of that on your archery education will do a tremendous amount more for your scores than that new bow will. 


Relationship between Form, Stability, and Shot Execution

Foundations of stable and repeatable compound form 
Step by step video walkthrough of form elements
Trouble shooting common problems 
Draw Length and it's relationship to stability. 
Releasing Tension for greatest balance and control
Letting Go...
Release construction and design. What it means to you. 
The steps to learning a release in a way that solidifies the connection between your form and execution.
The importance of close range shooting
Setting up stabilizers and how and why
Equipment tuning secrets 
Winning the mental game 
Different practice modes to dial in success
Developing a solid mental game 
And much more... Archer participation during the discussion is a big part of what happens. During deeper exploration of topics, the group causes deeper discovery and understanding of the basic ideas through free exchanges and exploration of ideas and questions. 

The worksho[ is limited to just 20 people. If you'd like to nail your spot, give Carol or Kevin a call 09 6366359 or Carol 021 638840. Usually to take part in a GRIV workshop you'd be up for the cost of an airfare to the U.S, accomodation, expenses + the course fee, so a t least $4000 per person. The course fee here will be just a fraction of that at just $650. You confirm your place on the course for a $350 deposit and you'll have made an awesome investment in your archery. Fist in first serve, so get on it!


A little bit about George:

George Ryals is also known out on the range as GRIV. That name comes from his Martin Archery days. Working as a product designer and advertising director at Martin, GRIV was instrumental is creating His Internet handle morphed from GDRyalsIV to GRIV. ArcheryTalk was started in the hopes of helping archers around the world by putting information out for everyone to use. GRIV believes today that ArcheryTalk has been a large part of pushing archery up to where it is today. 

GRIV continues to shoot professional archery on a national level and maintains a highly competitive average. Being a Pro for 25 years while working many different positions in the archery industry, GRIV was responsible for many of the top bows of the day. During his time at Martin Archery his designs were winners across target 3D and indoor archery. 

After his time with Martin Archery GRIV moved on to work with Copper John and Stanislawski Archery products. Copper John acquired Stanislawski five years earlier and hired GRIV to help redesign the line of releases and create a new marketing plan and relaunch the brand. His work is still visible in their releases today. 

Now GRIV runs a small pro-shop in Snellville, GA with a focus on target and recreational archery. He is Head Coach of the Hornets, the archery team that has grown out of his JOAD archery program. The Hornet team has traveled the world under GRIV's wing, and have amassed an impressive list of awards. The Hornet team has a Vegas Championship, 26 National titles spanning across target and 3D. 

George was recently nominated to USA Archery by his team for. 2014 USA Developmental Coach Of The Year. GRIV Won!!

In the same year, GRIV also won the USOC National Developmental Coach Coach Of The Year. This award encompasses all Olympic Sports and it's the first time Archery has received the honor. 


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